I am a simple woman. I like to look put together but not fussy. I am an introvert. I am calm and even tempered. (Haha, well, I strive to be) Only a few peoples opinion of me mean something: my husband, and my kids (my parents and stepsons come close). Everyone else is just chatter. I like pretty, sparkly thing. I like comfortable things. I do not like to be inconvenienced. I do not like loud noise. I like lists and calendars.  I am a cat person. They are quiet and love on their own terms. There is nothing greater than putting my ear to a purring cats chest and listening. I clear my mind and soul by the water. I love to travel but I love coming home. I am a good mom. Not a great mom, but not a bad one. I wish for my children to grow up strong, independent and happy. I feel bad that I didn’t mention being a mom higher on this list. I am an emotional woman. I cry a lot. Like, A LOT. I feel things very strongly. I do not like to appear weak.

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Happy New Year!

Im kind of relieved its a new year and everyone is back to work and kids are back to school. I thrive in routine and the kids were getting really sick of being around only each other for so long. I took a nice long break, I think I only worked 3 days in the […]

December update

I know its quite a bit early and the month is not over for another 11 days but I had some thoughts and Im not planning on writing another post until the new year. December has always been a month of reflection. I had grand plans for getting closer to my goals in December but […]


I have grown up as an avoider. I’m not sure if its just my personality, or if my parents taught me how to do it, or if I’m just so afraid of someone (anyone) disliking me. But Im an avoider. Its one of many reason I drank too. Issue is SOLVED by sitting on the […]

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